Politics Is Meant To Be Boring – Josh Journal

Politics is meant to be boring, you as a citizen, are the one who is supposed to be interested in it.
The last couple of years have seen politics and governance get a little too exciting around the globe.

As much as this got a lot more people interested in what their respective governments are doing, it also ensured that people were distracted from some of the actions that the government was taking.
Political analysts, journalists, and opposition members were also ensnared into this quicksand.

Governance is a very solemn act. Both elective, appointive, and career positions are meant to be occupied by the best of us. Decisions taken will reverberate through history. Its impact will be felt for a long time.
On this basis, not everything the government does should be micro-analyzed through the lens of populism.

As much as everyone should have a say, experts should be given more talking time. While everyone is waiting for his turn to speak at the microphone, the ruling class is getting away with taking lots of other dangerously-wrong decisions that go unscrutinized.

NGOs, pressure groups, and civil society organizations need to do a better job of holding the government accountable. If the general public is spending too much time talking about none-issues, they need to point out things that are escaping our purview.
The press also has the same responsibility.

Sensationalism needs to be taken out of governance and politics. Elections are sure to be emotional, passionate, and sentimental. Governance shouldn’t.
Social media and the 24-hours news cycle’s quest for content and talking point shouldn’t make governance be turned to politics.

Politics used to come to the fore during the election period, but across different countries, it now dominates public discussion year-round, outside the election cycle, and all through the tenure of the government.
This makes for good ratings and followership, but it doesn’t encourage healthy interaction or participation in government.

Elections and campaign periods are guaranteed to be lively and interesting. The press needs to stop this need to make politics exciting.
To help people keep an eye on the government, politics needs to remain “boring”.
The politician might be an orator or performer, that is not a license for the press to enable him to play to the gallery.
If you want exciting, wait for the election period.

If an election is boring, then you need to look behind the scenes. Something is going on that they don’t want you to know about.
Either a winner is already guaranteed before the first ballot is cast, or there is connivance involving two or all of the parties, contestants, and the media.
Politics and governance are meant to be boring, elections will always be interesting.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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