Photo Of The Day: 04-December-2012

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A Relationship summarized in one Picture.

 The above picture summarizes almost every relationship. It starts out with the guy doing all the work, trying to win the girls heart, attention, commitment and for him to become her “one and only”. At this point, He’ll do anything for her, give up anything she doesn’t like, make any sacrifice for her, and only her opinion matters to him, as her thought, attention and presence is worth the world to him. He’ll pick new habits and drop any old habit she might not approve of.
 When she finally commits fully to him, he relaxes a little, making her put in as much effort as he is putting in. At this point, they always have to meet halfway on every issue. Here, he begins to show her the real him, which he had to bury before. They begin to spend less time together, and if they don’t begin to spice up the relationship, then they are heeding for the rocks.
 The final stage is the point at which the guy has seen all there is to see, or known all about the girl, he is bored with her, and begins to look for new adventures, probably in other girls. The girl meanwhile has sacrificed a lot for the relationship, probably putting a gap between her and other guy, so as to be exclusive with her “boyfriend”. In the process, she has lost a couple of friends, or had problem with her parents, family, friends, and other people who use to matter in her life. To ensure she doesn’t loose everything, including her worth, self respect and dignity, she’ll do everything within and even attempt beyond her strength to keep the guy loyal to her.
 A way to ensure longevity of relationships is to spend more time in the company of other friends, thereby ensuring that the time you spend together educates you on not only yourselves, but also how you relate with others as a couple. You should also be honest about your interest from the start, and get to spend time learning about each others passion, interest and hobby. Because the more time you spend doing things you each love doing before you became a couple, the more you’ll love one another.
 In the main time, I’ll go back to my task of finding “The One”.