Pain And Its Many Faces – Josh Journal

Motivational speakers have always told us the importance of pain. I have lost count of the number of times I was told that pain is the forbearer of growth.
We were told to embrace the pain. At no time were we informed that pain can be useless.

The truth is that pain indeed has its use. It can lead to growth, but it can also be a sign of stunted growth. We would focus so much on the growth path, we would not notice we are at the edge of limitation.
Just like a shark can’t grow bigger than a pool it is kept in, pain can sometimes be a sign of inhibition.

We are always obsessed with finding an interpretation, a meaning, for everything. We do the same thing for pain.
What caused it, how long should we bear it, is there an upside to it, how long will it last?
We spend so much time looking for meaning, we are left with little time to look for a cure.

Sometimes your pain has no divine or futuristic purpose. There are times it is a reward for your foolishness.
You trusted the wrong person, you failed to take a piece of advice, or you didn’t know better. The result of that is always going to be painful.

Then there are times the pain is simply the result of someone’s wickedness. It has nothing to do with the will of God. It is not the product of an ancestral curse or sin.
All it comes down to is one man or woman choosing to be cruel and heartless.

If we could stop looking for a “bigger picture“, we would be able to face reality. Accepting a situation for what it is rather than a part of a bigger plan is often the first step to finding a solution.
Don’t let people bound you to your pain while they go-ahead to live a free life. And don’t mentally do the same to yourself.
The worst prisoner is the one who is also his own prison warden.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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