One Thing I Wish I Can Change

 I never look back at whatever I have done with regrets or wishing I could go back to change things. I simply take an action, if it turns out right, I enjoy it, if it doesn’t, I’ll still go with the flow. But there is one exception to this.
 Right now, One thing I wish I had taken more seriously, The only thing I reminisce upon and wish I had done right, That one thing which if I had the chance, I’ll do differently, is simply, “My dental hygiene.”
 When I was younger, I refused all of my parents advice to take good care of my teeth. Whenever it was holiday period, or weekends, I simply forgot about brushing my teeth, and will only brush it whenever they insisted I will not eat, except I brush.
 I felt like it was an unnecessary punishment, and right now, I’m paying the price for that. For the last couple of years, I’ve been having serious tooth pain (Thank God it is not Mouth Odor, that will simply have made me feel a lot worse.) but nevertheless, it still hurts. Last week Thursday, I couldn’t sleep from all the pain it was causing me, this made me have a bad day in the morning.
 So now, I’m saving up some money to visit the dentist, and see what he (Hopefully not a she) can do about it. I’ve also resolved that when I do have children, they are going to take their dental hygiene serious, whether they like it or not.
 Seeing people with glistening white teeth smile just makes me happy (I’m kinda self conscious when I smile or laugh) and I’ll want my children to be able to smile proudly (on my behalf.)
 So parents out there, please, teach your children the importance of dental hygiene, make them realize that it is for their own good.