One Motor Accident Too Many – Josh Journal

In today’s episode of “I know useless things“, I’ll be writing on the most unnecessary motor accident in the history of accidents.
It was the year 1895, in the state of Ohio, USA. These were the early days of motor cars, so they were still an uncommon sight.

With a landmass of 116,096 km², there were only two cars present in the state of Ohio.
You would expect that this would guarantee safety for anyone driving. After all, there would never be a traffic jam, or a need to overtake one another.

Alas, you would be wrong. These two cars found a way to find themselves and get involved in an accident.
What exactly happened?

I can understand when two ships sight each other too late to maneuver and avoid each other, but not two cars.
Imagine being the wife of one of the men involved and your husband comes home to tell you he was involved in an accident.

You ask him if he hit someone, he says no. Then you ask if it was a horse, he replies no. Did he drive into a building? Again, no.
Then what happened? He then says he hit another car.

My first question would have been “isn’t there only one other car in the state?”
“And you somehow managed to find the one other car, and hit it?”
Then I would erupt into laughter. It would take a lot to calm me down.
You can be rest assured I would dangle this over his head for the rest of our lives. Maybe in the life to come too.

How the state didn’t end up banning cars altogether is a wonder to me. At least, both drivers should have been banned. Maybe even confiscate both cars.
Because there is no way you can complain that the road wasn’t enough.

One thing I am certain of, if women were involved in this accident, they would definitely have been barred from driving.
Maybe an immigrant too.

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