On Courtesy – Josh Journal

Please, sorry, thank you. Basic courtesy. Why do some adults still struggle with courtesy?
Is this an indictment on their parents, their primary school, or the church, mosque, and other social institutions they grew up around? Who exactly is to blame?
More importantly, how can we remedy the situation?

On second thought, is my expectation too high for expecting basic courtesy from people? Am I the one setting myself up for disappointment?
I see a lack of courtesy in the way people act towards one another. When I notice it, no matter how intelligent, pleasant looking, well sounding, educated, wealthy, or whatever, you might look, I find you repulsive.
Whatever respect I might have for you before then rapidly starts to erode.

Some people believe if they are paying for a service, then they don’t need to be courteous. They will talk to an attendant with rudeness, and if you dare speak up, they will tell you they paid for the service.
Does adding please or thank you to your order or payment make you lose your value or self-worth?

The worst cases I have seen involves how people relate with those they deem to be beneath them. Either in age, wealth, social standing, education, or otherwise.
Some people are discriminative in how they treat people in the church hierarchy.

They will kneel to greet or listen to a pastor’s instructions. But when the usher or security talk to them, the disdain they look at them with is such that the usher goes home to rethink their life choices.
Once they meet someone they believe can be of benefit to them, they are warm, affable, and welcoming. But those who might not have a say in their future might as well be damned.

Search yourself. If you know you are guilty of any of these, it is high time you change your ways.
And if you are one of those that struggle to say please, sorry, and thank you, just know you still have a bit of growing up to do.

Being an adult includes treating others with the courtesy and decency they deserve. Their station in life does not determine if they should get it.
The fact that they are humans dictates that they must be respected.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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