Ọmọ Pastor: To Call Or Not To Call (The Women I Love)

From the moment Rukevwe’s school bus drove out of my school, I have been struggling to decide if I should or shouldn’t call her.
One thing prevented me from dialing her number right there and then. I was yet to figure out what to tell her when I eventually decided to call her.

Back in class, on the way home, while at home, all through the weekend, there was nothing else on my mind.
As I pondered on what to tell Rukevwe, something else occurred to me.

I can remember hearing guys say that if you get a girl’s phone number, you wait at least three days to call her. Apparently, this is to avoid looking desperate.
In my own case, I already look bad by being tongue-tied when I initially approached Rukevwe. I don’t want to worsen my chance.

In the church that Sunday, I spent a lot of time trying not to get caught staring at Rukevwe. I avoided her eyes a couple of times, and when she eventually caught me, I just kept staring at her so that I looked lost in thought.
Hopefully, it worked.

I dashed out of the church immediately we closed. Since I hadn’t called her, I didn’t want to give her a chance to confront me.
People must have been wondering why I was pensive and thoughtful all weekend. I wish there was someone I could have confided in.

By the evening of Sunday, I knew I had no choice but to call Rukevwe. Every bone in me assured me that if this weekend passed without me calling her, I would have blown my chances.
However the dice fall, at least, I would have given it my best shot.

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