Ọmọ Pastor: Thinking Cap (The Women I Love)

As Rukevwe’s school bus drove out of my school, I was already thinking about what to say when I call her.
I had already failed miserably when I stepped up to talk to her in person. If I mess up this call, she will end up thinking I’m not smart.

For a girl smart enough to win that quiz competition, me not coming off as smart will kill whatever vibe is between us.
Plus girls talk. What happened between us is sure to end up as fodder in a gossip session.

If she likes me, she might hold back on spilling the beans. But if I strike out a second time, then she is surely telling everyone.
I don’t want girls thinking I can’t talk to them. That is social suicide and there will be no coming back from that.

I went back to my classroom to pick up my school bag. As I returned, many of the boys that had seen Rukevwe give me her number were hailing me.
They were calling me boss, stud, G, main man, and other macho salutations. If only they knew that all my head was doing was thinking up possible pick up and start-up line.

Maybe they knew though. After all, this was what most of the boys I knew spent their waking hours thinking, talking, arguing, and fighting about.
I might need to enlist the help of a few friends to sort this out. Tobi and Eric already have enough experience with the girls.

I have seen them discuss pick-up lines and strategies to woo girls. At the same time, I don’t want them thinking I didn’t know how to get a girl.
Hold on. If I can get a girl’s phone number without really saying anything, who is to say that I need help actually getting her for myself?

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