Ọmọ Pastor: Quiz Time (The Women I Love)

Finally, it was quiz time. I was the center of attention when people realized I would be the quiz master.
Students from other schools must be wondering, “what is an SSS1 student doing being the quizmaster?” While my schoolmates would be asking, “why is this boy who isn’t in our club the quizmaster?”

The contestants began to take the stage, and I was stunned to see my pastor’s daughter among them. Can I just name her as the winner already?
I hope she does well. Look at her, looking regally beautiful in her crispy uniform.

As the quizmaster, I read out the rules. Next, I asked the contestants to introduce themselves and their school.
I already recognized each school by their uniforms and would be addressing them as such, but this was within my power. Why miss out on using it?

When my pastor’s daughter introduced herself as Rukevwe, I quickly wrote it down. The students would have believed I either wrote everyone’s name, or I was writing something else.
What is my business with everyone else? I’m only here because of her. Rukevwe.

Turns out each school brought a pairing of SSS3 students. It was only Rukevwe that was an SSS1 student. She was paired with an SSS3 student though.
The quiz began and scores were gathered. After the first round of five questions, five schools were eliminated and five were to compete for the prize. Rukevwe’s school was among the finalists.

For this round of the quiz, the questions were tougher. I had mostly picked questions from the SSS3 syllabus.
I was worried that as the only SSS1 student, Rukevwe might stand no chance, but she was surprisingly very smart. She actually answered more questions than her colleague.

After ten rounds of questions, Rukevwe’s school had won the quiz competition. Her schoolmates ran out of their seats to celebrate with their representatives.
When the noise had quiet down, the contestants shook hands with the officiants. This was my turn to finally get to know her.

As our hands touched and before we could even say anything, the M.C was already asking for the pleasantries to end so the winners could get their gifts.
I think that boy acting as M.C has an eye on Rukevwe. Why would it be that when it was my turn to shake her that things must end? Can you even see the way he has been looking at her? It is like he can’t take his eyes off her.

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