Ọmọ Pastor: Let Me In (The Women I Love)

I ran down to the door of our school hall, the boys at the door wouldn’t let me in because I didn’t have on the shirt or a ticket.
I asked them how much a ticket cost, but according to them, the tickets were sold out. No amount of plea or explanation would make them let me in.

Quickly, I looked around and saw one of my classmates among the ushers. I beckoned to her to come closer.
The boys at the door wouldn’t let me go in to see her, instead, they insisted she came out to join me.

When she came out, I explained to her that I really needed to get in to see someone, but I couldn’t. She asked me to tell her who it was so she could call the person out.
When I explained that the person was from another school and I couldn’t remember her name, she burst into laughter.

According to her, I had been doing like I was too good to join the Art Department Club, but now that I saw a beautiful girl come in, I wanted to come in too.
With that, she turned around and started walking away.

I was shocked. Rooted to the spot. This girl must be a hooligan.
To make matters worse, when she got to the door, she turned around and told the boys at the door to look out for me. That I definitely had some tricks up my sleeves and they shouldn’t let their guards down.

I was super pissed at this point. What kind of a girl is this? What exactly is her grudge with me? If she didn’t want to help, the least she could have done was to not worsen the situation.
I had to go closer to the door to see if I could spot anyone I recognized.

The boys at the door then told me to step away from the entrance as I was obstructing others. One even said I was preventing the breeze from coming in.
At this point, no one had come in for over five minutes. The event was in full swing and all participants were in. These boys were just trying to irk me.

I stepped back and began looking around. I even rushed back to the class to see if anyone still had a ticket or shirt they were willing to trade.
With my desperation getting higher, I even went to the other side of the hall.

I was trying to look through the window to see if I could get anyone I know to send me their ticket so I could come in.
Unfortunately for me, the seats at that side of the hall were all occupied by guest schools. This was really bad.

I came back to the entrance to try my luck again. The debate had just been concluded and preparations were on to begin the quiz.
At this point, I was tired. The bell had rung for school to close and although lots of students had left the premises, others were gathered around the hall listening and discussing what was going on in there.

If these boys won’t let me in, I might as well accept my loss and leave now. They better hope they never cross my path in this school.
If I ever get a chance to exact my revenge on them though, it would be excruciating.

As I turned around and walked away, I heard someone call my name.
With the noise around, I wasn’t too sure if I was the one, or where exactly the voice was from.

A second voice joined, and this time, I was sure who it was. It was Ruth and Naomi. As part of the organizing committee, aren’t they supposed to be busy?
I turned around, and true enough, it was Ruth and Naomi.

Quickly, I ran to them. They asked me where I had been since, that they had been trying to reach me.
I began trying to explain my ordeal to them, but they cut me off.

According to them, the boy who was supposed to be the quizmaster had developed cold feet. Considering that I had written most of the questions, they thought I would be the best person to moderate the quiz.

Wow! Now they need me.
I pretended to be giving it a thought, and Ruth began begging me again. I made a show of hesitantly accepting.
They then asked me to quickly put on one of the shirts for the day.

Sensing this as my opportunity to get back at the boys who wouldn’t let me in, and my classmate from earlier, I told them that the only way I would be quizmaster is if I didn’t wear the shirt.
Realizing that their choice was minimal, they readily agreed.

We turned around and walked in together. As we got past the door, I looked around at the boys who wouldn’t let me in before, and looking at their leader in the eye, I nodded at him.
At this moment, although they were mostly senior students, I was more important and powerful than they were.

I also looked out for the girl from earlier. Since we are peers, I didn’t hesitate before snapping my fingers at her to let her know we were now archenemies.
As I got to my chair, Naomi gave me a bottle of water to help with my task. They then began to walk to their own posts.

I had to quickly pull Ruth back. She asked me if anything was wrong, and I told her I still wanted the shirt.
Naomi replied that I had said I didn’t want the shirt before. I told them that I said I wouldn’t wear the shirt in. I didn’t say I didn’t want it.

Ruth looked at me a little pissed. She wasn’t amused at all. I know if I was someone else, I would have received a serious talking to.
Instead, she gave me the shirt and I quickly wrapped it around my neck.

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