Ọmọ Pastor: Hello (The Women I Love)

Hello, good evening.
Hello. Please who am I speaking with?
This is Carl.
Carl who?
Carl. The guy from church.
Which church?
The church you attend. That your father pastors.
Carl. Church. Is it one of the churches my dad pastored before?

No. Like your new church.
I don’t know any Carl in my new church ooo!
The guy you met at that ADC day on Friday. Hello. Can you remember me?

Wait. The guy that moderated the quiz?
The one that I gave my number when I was leaving?
Hello. Exactly. It’s me.
Hold on. Your name is Carl?

Wait. You didn’t know my name is Carl?
I never knew your name. You never mentioned it. We just talked.
Wow. Sorry about that. It must have skipped my mind.

Lol. Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to talk or because you cannot talk to girls.
What do you mean?
After saying Hello, shouldn’t your name be the next thing you say?
You are right about that. Maybe your beauty just stole the words out of my mouth.

Lol. Hello. Mr. Sweet Mouth. You better pack well. We are on the phone now, your mouth is running. When you saw me in person, you couldn’t say anything.
Come on. That’s not true.
So, I am lying?

I’m not saying you are lying. I’m just saying it’s not like that.
Ok then. It’s not like that, but when you saw me, you couldn’t even say Hello.
Come on. You know I already had a busy day and was tired. My brain probably froze.
And does your brain freeze each time you see me in church?

What do you mean?
What do I mean? Do you think I don’t see you avoiding me in church?
And why will I be avoiding you? Do you have two heads?
I don’t know ooo. So, you mean to tell me that you don’t walk away as soon as you see me coming?
That is not true. I don’t even notice you in church. If I did, why wouldn’t I have come to say hello?

So you don’t notice me in church?
Not that I don’t notice you. A beautiful girl like you would surely be noticed.
But you don’t notice me.
Not exactly. More like I am focused on your dad’s sermons. So I can’t see anything else.

Wow. Very focused. Yet I catch you staring at me countless times in every service.
Me? Stare at you?
Do you want to lie or are you an honest person?
See. It’s not like I’m lying. Ok. I do check you out at times.
Check out or stare at me?

Forget about the semantics and nomenclature. There isn’t much difference in both.
Actually, there is. You don’t check me out. You stare at me. Is it because I don’t snap my fingers or stare back at you? Or do you want me to call out your name when next I catch you staring at me?

Come on. Isn’t that taking things too far?
Hello. Since you have decided to be a lier, let me just expose you to yourself.
Ok. I admit it. I do stare at you.
Wow! Did the heavens fall? No, look out your window. Did the heavens fall because you told the truth?

Rukevwe stop joor.
I should stop. When you are the one telling lies.
Yeah, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
It says my airtime is exhausted. I’ll have to call you back.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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