Ọmọ Pastor: Call Me Back (The Women I Love)

Hello Rukevwe. I told you I would call you back. You shouldn’t have called me back.
And why is that?
You know my airtime finished. I was just about to recharge.
And since I had airtime, I shouldn’t call you back?

It’s not like that. I was the one that called you. I didn’t want to stress you.
But I’m not complaining.
Well. I know normally, girls don’t call.
Wait. Which girls are you talking about? If you know you want to insult me by generalizing, let me just drop the call.

I’m sorry. I’m just not used to girls returning my calls.
Interesting. So how many girls have you been calling that didn’t return your calls?
Emmm… Actually… I don’t know. See, let’s forget about that. Where were we?

Yes. Where were we?
I was asking.
And weren’t you the one talking? Shouldn’t you know where you were?
Emm… I think we were talking about how the service was powerful.

Lier. Why do you lie so easily?
How am I lying Rukevwe?
But we were talking about how you used to stare at me in church.
I thought you said you didn’t remember what we were talking about?
I never said such. You were the one who forgot what you were saying.

Fine. Agreed. I did stare at you occasionally. But you know it would be difficult not to.
Is that right?
Rukevwe, come on.
What did I do now?
But seriously though, I did want to talk to you, but I didn’t want any rumor starting because we were found together.
How so?
You are new to this church. We have some “reporters” here. Immediately they see a young boy and girl hanging out, they fill in the gap.
OMG. That’s interesting.

I thought that was unique to my former church.
Not at all.
So you would have kept staring at me in church and never stepped up to say hello because of some gossips?
Thankfully, you came to my school.

No. Hold on. Would you actually never have spoken to me in church?
Actually, I would have found a way to reach you. Let’s just say I was still studying you.
Because I am a textbook, right?
Lol. No. I needed to be sure if you were worth the risk.

Wow. I am now a high-risk investment.
Rukevwe now. Please don’t do that.
Don’t do what? I just need to be sure I am not too much of a risk for you.
Come on. At least, we are talking now. Can we get past how we got here?

Hmmnnn. That sounds like a command.
Come on. It is not a command. I just wish we can get to know each other better rather than discussing how we got around to talking.
Ok then. Fine. Agreed. But, now that you know I am worth the “risk”, you now have to risk something for us to talk properly.

I don’t understand you. I called you, my airtime finished. You called me back. We’ve spent how many minutes on this call already. And you are saying we should talk properly.
Wait, Carl. Does this call count as us talking?
I thought it did.

Not at all.
Yes. Or is it that you want us to just be friends and just be talking, or do you want to ask me out?
If you want us to just be friends who call each other, then fine. This is a call. We are talking. But if you know you want to ask me out, you want us to date, then you’ll have to do that properly.

Ok then. Fine. What do you want me to do?
Better. That’s what you should have asked since.
I have asked now. What do you want me to do?
So. Next week Sunday, after the church service, I want you to come and meet me and talk to me.

Wow! Rukevwe. In church?
Where else?
But you just heard everything I just said about…
Carl. If you want to ask me out, then you need to get over your fear of what people think.
I will be expecting you on Sunday. Unless you are not man enough.
Or if you think I am too much of a “high risk”.
Not at all.

Ok then see you on Sunday.
Sure thing. And thanks for the call.
No. Thanks for the call.

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