Of Thunder And Karma (With Love From Dad)

As a Nigerian in Nigeria, it is almost impossible not to have heard the phrase “thunder strike you”. But then it is really difficult to find someone who has been struck by said thunder.
You are more likely to find such persons on the screens of Nollywood than on the streets of Lagos. Meanwhile, Nigerians also believe a lot in the Laws of Karma. What goes around must come around.
As nice and friendly as Nigerians are, they love their justice served as quickly and loudly as possible. Quick because they are in a hurry to do something else, loud because that will make everyone around aware that this is a guilty person here and Karma is at work on him.
There is just one problem with this concept. Karma is a bit too slow for our liking. Except on rare occasions of instant Karma, it is possible for a culprit to have a change of heart and come repenting. Here’s where thunder gets an edge.
Thunder tends to be more instantaneous, and loud too. Often leaving the culprit with a mark (that’s if they survive) that makes everyone identify them more easily.
This is why more Nigerians will love if Public Office Holders were made to swear with Traditional gods rather than the Bible or Quran. God is so loving and forgiving that the thieving politician can ask for forgiveness and escape judgment.
Whereas with Sàngó or Amadioha, retribution would be served more faster and we will have known who stole JAMB’s 36 Million Naira, for example, by now.
As much as thunder isn’t going around striking every deserving person right now, I’ll advise you don’t go around doing things that will make people pray “thunder strike you”.
You don’t want to be the person the strikes start with.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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