Of Public Office And Their Occupants – Josh Journal

A common failure among public office holders in Nigeria is the inability to separate the office from the person.
This has been a long-standing practice, although unacceptable, it has been normalized for a while now.

The recent usage of the ministry of information’s Twitter handle to post a lengthy complaint about the refusal of the local wing of the APC to register Lai Mohammed is the latest example.

First of all, you are the “minister of information”, not the “ministry of information”. You are a public office holder, not a public office. Can’t you tell the difference?
It is situations like this that make these officeholders unable to assimilate back into normal life when they exit their prestigious seats.

They are so used to breaking the law, that they have no respect for the law. You see them refusing to respect court orders or even traffic law.
For all of the changes that the APC promised us, they have been a worse culprit than the PDP.

I look forward to in Nigeria where public office holders respect the law, respect their office, and respect the people of Nigeria.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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