Of Cowardice And Diplomacy (IDIOMS AND PROVERBS)

In the age of political correctness, a lot of people now substitute cowardice for diplomacy. People will bend over backward to avoid stepping on toes.
As much as there is a necessity to avoid trampling on toes as issues are sorted, we shouldn’t sacrifice truth and justice on the altar of “balance“.

I have witnessed people desperate to please both sides, that the judgment they render on cases ends up displeasing all parties involved.
Their desire to leave everyone unoffended makes them offend everyone. Annoyingly, their diplomacy is of no benefit to anyone.

There is a need in the media to balance every reportage. They want to tell both sides of the story. Even when one side has no merit. Even when the truth is staring us in the face.
Watching people who use to be renowned for credibility imbibe this attitude is frustrating.

As much as we want to say judge not, there is always going to be morality, and there will always be a need to judge.
Just like a judge in a courtroom should never succumb to cowardice, so should you.

Diplomacy shouldn’t bury fairness. It might numb the pain of execution, but it should take away the truth, equity, and justice.
If you can’t tell your friends when they are at fault, then you are a coward.

The fact that your support a political party doesn’t mean you have to agree with their stance on every issue. When they are wrong, register your disagreement.
Your religious or secular organization and its leadership can be fallible too.

There are very few things more disgraceful than when you stubbornly and blindly support a stance sentimentally, then the person you supported comes out to correct themselves and change their position.
It is even more dishonorable when you insist on maintaining that stance, or pretending like you never did.

In matters of conscience, cowardice often disguises as diplomacy.
Don’t be that fellow whose judgment or opinion can never be trusted, because it is always strewn with cowardice with a topping of diplomacy.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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