Now The Day Is (Almost) Over (Deputy Girlfriend)

As it was getting to evening, Hannah’s visit was almost over. She was getting ready to leave and I needed to accompany her to the bus stop.
She was close to dishing a takeaway pack with food, I had to stop her.

The way she ate Tomi’s food, I am starting to think she might come around more often. Who would have thought that they would get along?
She packed her belongings and we stepped outside.

As soon as we stepped out, we met Mama Nonso and Mama Tosin sitting around and making small talks.
Mama Tosin called Hannah, and speaking in Yoruba, told her to be watchful of me. Hannah laughed in response.

Mama Nonso was less dodgy about it, she greeted Hannah, then told her to come that she wanted to tell her something.
Hannah responded that she needed to hurry home as she had a few things to sort out before work tomorrow.

Mama Tosin again replied in Yoruba that next time Hannah was around, that she should stop by her room. She had something to tell her.
What is wrong with this woman? Does she think I do not understand Yoruba? In her mind, once she switches to Yoruba, she might as well be speaking Klingon, and I wouldn’t know better.

I and Hannah walked out of the house and she insisted I walked her to the bus stop. It would have been easier for her to take a bike from my house, but she said she wants to enjoy my company a little more.
What am I supposed to do if not to indulge her?

As we walked, guys in different houses were hailing me. What type of alakoba are these?
In over three years I’ve been escorting Hannah through these roads, I never got as much as a good evening. Tomi has barely been here for two days and they are all acting like dogs on heat.

We got to the bus stop and Hannah gave me a goodbye hug before getting on a bus. Now I can start the walk back home all alone.
As I walked, something occurred to me. There was light, yet many of these guys were outside. Even Mama Nonso and Mama Tosin. Some demons were working overtime on my case.

When I got back to the house, my two gossiping neighbors were nowhere to be seen. So also was whatever little respect I had for them.
This is not over. Instead, the battle line has just been drawn. I don’t know how I would get one over them, but I know I must get my pound of flesh.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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