Not For Sale – 2Baba, MI, Teni, Chidinma, Waje, UmarMSheriff And Cobhams (Song Of The Day)

There is something about Lagos houses and “Not For Sale”. It just goes hand in hand. I wish the same can be said about the forthcoming General Election in Nigeria.
Nigerian politicians have perfected the art of vote-buying. They not only offer you money on election day, they go as far as sharing loaves of bread, exercise books, a shirt or two and other unbelievably silly items.
There is even a Senator of the Federal Republic who goes around throwing sachets of instant noodles.
The effrontery!
Noodles for votes???????
I don’t even know what to say.
It is up to Nigerian citizen to show that our democracy is not up for sale to the highest bidder.
A sale of your vote is being penny wise and pound foolish. Or Kobo wise, Naira foolish. You are happy momentarily from the relief that an extra thousand or two gives to you, but the politicians go on to steal resources that could have ensured a better future for your children. This is unacceptable.
As for those whose votes ain’t available for sale, but still won’t be casted for any reason, you owe your descendants better.
This Saturday and next, go out. Vote. And if you see anyone trying to engage in vote-buying or unduly influencing or “duress-ing” voters, step in and tell them “These votes are not for sale”.