No Prize For Comfort (With Love From Dad)

A common desire among humans is comfort. Ultimately, everything we do is tied towards our comfort at the end of the day.
It is common to see people prioritize their comfort over everything else. Some people actually take comfort over meeting their own basic needs. This easily results in laziness and its accompanying consequences.
There is nothing wrong with seeking comfort, but then when it comes to comfortability, how much is too much?
Necessity is often credited as the mother of all invention. If that is true, then what is the mother of complacency and dearth of innovation?
There are numerous examples of enterprises starting out innovatively, stretching the frontier of what has been deemed possible and reshaping the future of industries, nations and humanity at large. Said companies then get into a “comfortable” phase. The books are balanced, profit is rolling in on a steady basis, innovation is shelved and the company switches to “autopilot” mode in production and management.
These companies get so deep in their comfort zone, for years, consumers see no improvement or innovation in their products and output. The staff sees no reason to improve their output cos either way, they are getting paid at the end of the month. The management sees no reason to optimize or challenge themselves, because the profit margin is either constant, improving ever slightly or decreasing at a “non-alarming” rate.
The company does not care about customer feedback or how to improve on their product or their customer experience until either an old competitor improves on their product, or a new firm offers a qualitative rival product or service to the consumers.
Often times, the company is already too stuck in their place of comfort and end up being unable to evolve or react adequately to salvage themselves. With minimum fuss, the company folds up and goes under.
As individuals do not comfort yourself into trouble. Constantly look for ways to improve on what you do. New techniques, technology and talents are always coming to the job/skill market. Constantly educate yourself to keep evolving so you can stay alive and relevant.
If you have make this a part of your nature, when you own your own business, it is easier to make this a part of your business culture.
As an employee, try to contribute to the evolution of your company. It might not be your company, but evolution and comfort could be the difference between you having a job or being unemployed in a couple of months or years. You thinking of ways to improve on your company’s product or service can lead to you making a discovery with which you’ll create your own business in the future.
Never forget, comfortable is often the stepping stone to complacency.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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