No. It’s Not You Against The World (With Love From Dad)

Thanks to 2 Pac Shakur’s 1995 Album, the concept of “Me Against The World” has been reinforced into pop culture.
I was a kid back then and can’t find it anywhere in public literature if there was a belief of “Me and the World versus Everything else”.
I keep seeing people who have bad habits, people who are incompetent at what they do and people who choose to be uninformed, live their lives struggling to get to the Pinnacle. When they fail in achieving this, they blame it on the world, the universe and life being against them.
True enough, there will be “haters“. But just as much, there will be admirers, fans, supporters, friends and family who will always want the best for you. What you choose to do with all that Goodwill is your choice.
You cannot continually waste every Goodwill that come your way then claim the world is against you. The world as created by God is much more in your favor than against you.
It is often your own toxic nature that is against you. Not the world. You can’t go around disrespecting people, hating on others, backstabbing, being unfaithful, leaving your job half done, taking unnecessary and stupid risks, yet expecting to just waltz through life.
Fix yourself and watch your world come into place in your favor.
Give your best in everything you do. Even those who choose to antagonize you will find it hard to explain their hatred.
There will always be haters, but not everyone who criticizes you is a hater.
There will always be the low points of life, but then another dawn after the dusk.
The world might sometimes seem to be against you, but the world is meant to come under your dominion.
The days of Me Against The World is over, the days of the world under your command is here.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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