Napoleon Complex – Word For The Week

For someone who spent a better part of his life so far being the youngest, smallest and shortest person in all his social circles, I am not too sure if I am the most or least qualified to write on the subject “Napoleon Complex”.
Napoleon Complex is defined as an aggressive or domineering behavior, claimed to be a form of psychological compensation for one’s short physical stature
First time I heard the word, I thought it was something made up, but by the time the user explained it and it’s usage, I totally understood it, but was more certain that it was something he made up.
In no time at all, I found myself using it time and again. Watching the signs and symptoms manifested by a couple of acquaintances, I had to look up the phrase “Napoleon Complex” in the dictionary to be sure it wasn’t my overactive imagination at work. You need to have seen the shock on my face when I saw it starring back at me.
As the former chairperson of the National Union of Not-So-Tall People of Nigeria, I totally understand the urge to fight back at any perceived disrespect or taking advantage of oneself. But when you begin to hurt those around you as well as yourself, then it is time for self evaluation.
One of my favourite OAP had this saying he said he learnt from his mother, “There is little or no difference between the guy who everyone is always looking for his trouble and the guy that is always looking for everyone’s trouble.”
As humans, in a reality that is acknowledged as one of survival of the fittest, it is normal, though wrong for people to want to take every advantage they can find, especially at the expense of others. But note that not everyone will do that.
There still remains a significant number of people who will not take undue advantage of others. So please, calm down. Most of us have different complex issues and insecurities. Brandishing it about will be akin to arming someone else ahead of a duel against you.
As for anyone just realizing they might have Napoleon Complex, never forget, “It is not about the size of the dog in the fight, it is about the fight in the dog”.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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