Na wrapper I tie, put me down, I no wear pant.

I will be pressed to define the wrapper as a continuous piece of clothing material used as a covering or a clothing item.
I never imagined I will ever have to define a wrapper someday. I must say though, my definition does not do justice to the historical and cultural significance of the wrapper.

Hearing this saying reminded me of people who always hug you in excitement. The problem is they don’t just hug you. They go the extra step of lifting or at least, attempting to lift you off your feet.

Skinny, short and petite people are often on the receiving end of this. And from all indications, no one likes it. Except when the hug is coming from their partner.
Then it can be cute.

The problem with this whole scenario is that the culprit might overlook the fact that you are tying a wrapper. More dangerous is that you might have no undies underneath the wrapper.
If your wrapper gets pushed to the side by a flailing limb, or worse still, it comes loose, your “privates” could be made public.

I think somewhere in the deep recess of my memory, an event like this is etched. The only problem is i can’t remember where and when it happened, or who were involved.
Be rest assured that if I remember, I will drop it in either the Josh Journal, or the True Lie Story Podcast.

With the influx of shorts and briefs, incidents like this are becoming less common. But they are popping up in other areas of our lives.

Someone who is unqualified, less knowledgeable, or incapable is employed or picked for promotion. They get into their new office and soon after get exposed as frauds.
Some people, position and favour seekers especially will take responsibility for other individual or a teamwork.
This will earn them the plaudits. If they are lucky, either a promotion or a spotlight get fixed on them.

In their more lofty positions, their inadequacies gets easily found out and the end up losing whatever they might have gained.
That is if a mistake doesn’t arise from the project at first, that costs them their career capital.
We have seen public office holders in Nigeria repeatedly goof in public because they are in pursuit of recognition and favor with their principals.
They shoot themselves in the foot, then stick the bloodied foot in their mouths.

I went to all these lengths to tell you that you know your own secrets and shortcomings. Don’t let your mouth write checks your hands cannot catch.
Do not allow yourself to get elevated, glorified, or exposed beyond your capacity, so you don’t get “exposed” unknowingly.
Or in a bid for publicity at all cost, end with negative publicity, reputation, and perception.
Abeg, na wrapper I tie, put me down, I no wear pant.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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