Must I Like You? – RHETORICS

What is it with humans and wanting people to like us?
Why do we desire affection, approval, and attention?
Why are we bothered about the impression of people we only know circumstantially and momentarily?

You want to do something and an advisor will tell you, “people won’t like that”.
Who told you I’m doing it for people to like it?
Are the people the ones to live with the consequences of my actions?
How many of them are interested in helping me with the alternative?
And when they eventually leave and move on to whatever catches their attention next, will I be happy with what I’m left with?

You are pandering for my attention and I’m not interested. I know my priorities and I’m working towards them.
Then you come to “confront” me and you are asking me, “do you hate me? Did I offend you before? Why is it that you don’t talk to me? Why can’t we be friends?”

Hold up. Who told you that I hate you? Who told you that I even know you? What makes you think I even think about you?
Of all the things that are in the world, you think you are seated on one settee in my heart and I am dedicating processing power to thoughts of you?

And by the way, what if I don’t like you? What would you then do?
You would get angry, would you then report me to someone? Or would you come and flog me? Or do you have the power to make me like you by force?

Instead of focusing on your life, you are more focused on people’s opinions. Your desire for approval and relevance is costing you the best days of your life.
Ok. I’ll say it.
I don’t like you. No one does. So what are you going to do about it?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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