Mr Cut And Join, Have You Started Again? – RHETORICS

I woke up on new year’s morning with a sharp pain by my side. It felt like a cut. Have you ever felt something like that before?
And then it crossed my mind, it’s new year day, people have started cutting others out of their lives. Do you do that too?
Who just cut me?
Who just cut me out of their life?

Which person am I useless to that felt it is high time they cut me off?
I stood up and took a look at my side, there was no mark. The bed too, there was no blood. How am I supposed to know if I was indeed chopped off?
Mr Cut and join, I think it’s time for you to have a little reasoning. Do you have time to spare?

Every December, you threaten to cut people off. Every January, you announce you have done it. How come by the next December there are always more people awaiting your blade or cutlass?
Which one do you even use?

If after all these years of cutting out people, you still have more people to sieve out, don’t you think it is time you revaluate how you pick friends?
And on second thought, what is the common denominator in all these relationships? Isn’t that you?

Why not take a mirror and examine yourself. What if you are the friend who needs to be cut off?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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