Moving Day – Part 3 (Deputy Girlfriend)

A ride I hailed eventually arrived to pick us. After moving in the two boxes and bags in the car, Tomi asked me to come back inside to pick some things.
We got into the kitchen, and she asked me to carry a big bucket containing a few pots and plates.

“Where are you carrying these to?” I asked Tomi.
“To your place of course.” She replied.
I was shocked.
“What do you need them for?”
“To cook. What are they using pot for?”

I didn’t know from where to begin. In the course of our discussion, we had never talked about cooking.
Don’t get me wrong. I am a great cook. I also had a kitchen. Tomi knew this.
She also knew that my kitchen all this while had been more decorative than functional. I bought all my meals outside. As a matter of fact, I hardly ever brought them home to eat.
I really should have discussed this thing with her before agreeing to her moving in with me.

“But we didn’t agree that you’ll be bringing these,” I told her.
“And what will I be cooking with?” She retorted.
“We didn’t agree you will be cooking.”
“And what will we be eating?”
“I already eat out. You can also eat out.”
“Do you know how they cook the food you eat outside?” She asked me.
“You know I know how to cook.”
“No. I mean do you know what they put in it? How hygienic they are? What you are allergic to?”
“Tomi now. All that is unnecessary stress. Who has time to cook?”
“I have the time.”
“And hope you won’t complain later that I didn’t help out?”
“No one has even asked for your help and you are already complaining.”

This was not what I signed up for. As long as cooking was involved, this was sure to get messy. But we are here already, what else can we do.
I helped Tomi in moving the rest of the load to the car, and finally, we said goodbye to her former home.
With all I hold dear, I hope this experiment does not blow up in our faces.

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