Moving Day – Part 2 (Deputy Girlfriend)

Did Tomi forget today was moving day or did she leave me here on purpose?
After I had spent the last thirty minutes which felt like three hours, being scrutinized by her mum, Tomi finally decided to show up.

“Good morning, Andy” she began.
I was silent. If I respond, I might say something that would make her feel bad.
“Calm down. Let it go” I told myself.
“Oya, come and help me carry these two boxes.” She continued, oblivious to how I was feeling.
“Tomi, wait. Put that bag down.” Her mother interjected.

I knew it! Tomi was about to get her dose of the tongue lashing. I promise to enjoy every minute of it.
“Mummy, see we have to get moving so you guys can leave. Your flight is by 12 and you need to be at the airport soon.”
Look at this girl. She is trying to sweet-talk her way out of this. I hope her mum doesn’t relent.

“Don’t worry, if we miss the flight, we will book another one.” Her mum replied.
“There is only one flight there per day,” Tomi said, really trying to wriggle her way out of this talk.
“In that case, we will take the bus.”
Yes. Tomi wasn’t escaping this, and she knew it.
Dejectedly, Tomi dropped both boxes and sat down.

“Tomi, this one you are moving in with Andy, be careful ooo.” Her mother began.
“Yes, ma.”
“See, remember all I have told you. I won’t accept any baby if the father has not paid your bride price.”
“That is why there is condom” Tomi’s dad interjected.
I almost burst out in laughter where I was seated. This man did know how to whirl up his wife. Now I get where Tomi got her sarcasm and quick wit from.

“Daddy Tomi, don’t encourage this bad behaviour now.” Mummy Tomi replied him angrily.
“I don’t still understand why you refused to move in with my sister in Ikorodu” Mummy Tomi continued, this time addressing Tomi.
“But Mummy, you know that won’t work,” Tomi said exasperatedly. She didn’t want to continue this conversation.
“I hear you. But just be careful. You grew up in a Christian home, don’t bring shame on this family.”
“I won’t ma,” Tomi said, ready to stand up.

“I remember something now.” Mummy Tomi said as she directed Tomi back to her seat.
“Where you are going is not your father’s house, and is not your husband’s house.” She began.
I don’t know where this is going, but I definitely want to know where it will end.
“And so?” Tomi replied bewildered.
“Don’t go to someone house and go and be lazy.” Mummy Tomi continued.
I love this. This is awesome.

“He is housing you, don’t do something that would make him regret it.” She continued.
“Respect him, help out around the house, and apologize whenever you are wrong.” She concluded.
“Yes ma,” Tomi replied, trying to get this over with.
“Your mummy did not say you should go and kneel down to greet him good morning.” Tomi’s dad added.
This man is funny. This time around, I did not know when I burst into laughter.

“Who wants to kneel down for this one?” Tomi responded sarcastically.
“But you must still respect him” her dad quickly informed her.
“And whenever she offends you, please call me,” he said, addressing me.
“Yes sir” I quickly replied.

“I did not say you should beat my daughter for me ooo” he continued dramatically.
“Don’t go and say you want to discipline her ooo.”
“Yes sir.”
“See as her skin is fresh, I don’t want mark and scars on my baby ooo” her mother quickly added.
“Yes ma” I responded.
“And I don’t want my baby to have another baby ooo” she casually added, staring at me dead in the eyes.

“Must you add that?” Daddy Tomi replied her.
I know what I’m saying, she replied to him.
“Have you heard her?” He then asked me.
“Yes sir,” I replied.
“Ok then. I think we are done here.” He concluded.

With that, Tomi got up and we pulled a box each and began moving out. Her parents also gathered the few belongings they had left.
They had called a taxi and the driver was waiting for them outside. I and Tomi just had to book a ride for ourselves.
Finally, she was moving in with me.

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