Moving Day – Part 1 (Deputy Girlfriend)

Saturday was moving day. I was up early and rushed down to Tomi’s house to help her with her load.
Her parents had already sent their own properties ahead and were only waiting to say goodbye to Tomi and I.

Immediately I saw her dad, I prostrated to greet him.
“Good morning Daddy” I began.
“Good morning Andy” he responded.
“Thank you very much for accepting to take my daughter in” he continued.
“You are welcome sir” I retorted. I was a bit uncomfortable being thanked by him. If I was in the same situation, I knew I would be welcomed in their home.
“Please, if she misbehaves or offends you, just call me” he informed me.
“Sir, don’t worry, she is my girl. We know how we handle ourselves”
With my response, he began laughing. He must be remembering the many mischief and disagreements between myself and Tomi.

“Andy.” That was Tomi’s mum.
“Good morning Mummy.” I quickly greeted her.
“Thank you for what you are doing for us.” She said.
What is it with these people and saying thank you?
“Mummy, if I don’t do it for Tomi, who will I do it for?”
“That is true, but not everyone will be that nice still.”
“Mummy, not with me and Tomi.”
Tomi’s dad was about to interject, but Tomi’s mum continued.
“By the way, this one Tomi is moving in with you, emmm… We don’t want to hear another story ooo”
“Darling. Ahannn. They are not kids now” Tomi’s dad said a little uneasily.
I was blushing.
“Exactly. They are not kids, we don’t want them doing what adults do and getting a baby out of it” she continued unflinchingly.
“Mummy, you know I have my own girlfriend” I responded.
“The more reason you children need to be careful. I don’t want one girl to come and pour acid on my daughter. And I am not ready to be a grandma without first doing marriage for my daughter.” She continued unyielding.
Where is the Tomi that is moving? Why isn’t she here so we can leave? I am not comfortable having this conversation with her mom. I could feel cold sweat starting to flood my armpit.
This is going to get brutal if Tomi doesn’t show up soon.

“They are adults na. If they do the do, they know what can happen.” Her dad said, trying to reduce the tension.
“Mummy, don’t worry. Even I will always want what is best for your daughter.” I responded, trying to end the conversation.
“Please ooo. I don’t want anyone reducing my daughter’s bride price.” She said with an air of finality.
For goodness sake, why didn’t they think of bride price before agreeing to their daughter moving with me?
It was at this point that Tomi came in pulling two big boxes and carrying two other bags.

“Good morning Andy.” She began.
I didn’t know if I should respond or hiss.

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