Meticulous – Word For The Week

The word meticulous means to be characterized by very precise, conscientious attention to details. It is synonymous with being careful, precise, painstaking, rigorous and scrupulous.
There is an art (or science) to executing any action. It involves a process that can be broken into individual steps. Lots of time, the difference between good and great is the attention paid to each detail in the steps.
Having two people cook the same pot of soup with exactly the same ingredients and even a common recipe and instructional manual can yield two very distinct tasting pots of soups. The difference might be minute or apparent. The taste could be distinguishable to only seasoned experts or even a layman.
Cause of the difference? Meticulous or sloppy attention to details. The same thing applies to the execution of projects, studying and examinations, relationships, and other aspects of life.

As a business man, you understand the need of your clients and strive to meet it to every jot and tittle. A happy client becomes a returning client, and can result in referrals. So also, paying meticulous attention to your spouse’s needs helps you satisfy them better. Leaving them happy and capable of making you happier. You can’t walk around with a big grin while your partner is always frowning. Unless you are a psycho, then you can be excused.
Being meticulous doesn’t have to stifle creativity. Some people just can’t think outside the box. They meet your needs exactly and call it being meticulous. Hello! Surprise me, please.
Your boss wants every “i” dotted, and “T” crossed. What about the “j” and “Js”? How cursive should the tail on “g” and “y” be? Surprise me!
As an employee or business person, friend or partner, after receiving instructions or briefs, after observing and studying, being meticulous and creative means you go the extra mile. You preempt their needs. You even meet the needs they aren’t aware they had.
That’s how you meticulously go from good to great.
How would you be meticulous from now on? It begins today.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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