Messiah-Complex (Word For The Week)

Messiah Complex is defined as a state of mind in which someone believes that he is responsible for saving others.
In the Nigerian use of the phrase, it is when someone believes they are responsible for your progress, breakthrough or well being.
You see people who have this character attempting to lord themselves over you. They try to get you to reverence them, subjugate yourself to them, pay homage to them and treat them as the number priority in your life.
The most surprising part of people with a Messiah Complex is the fact that often, they actually played the most irrelevant, inconsequential and fleeting role in your come up.
Just as important is the fact that taking them out of your situation both in the past, present and future, you will still be on the same trajectory as you are. If not even better.
If you have someone with a Messiah Complex in your life, especially very close to you, it is very essential that you consciously begin to work at “escorting” them out of your life. If you fail to do that, they’ll end up parading themselves as the reason for your success. They’ll want to appropriate the praise you should be giving to God to themselves and even the feel-good factor you will normally enjoy from your own hard work, they’ll rob you of that.
Before you begin purging yourself of these “god-like” people around you, look within yourself and check to ensure you are not guilty of holding others to a ransom of endless praise and thanksgiving to you.
You be man, with flesh, you no be God. Even Man of God, na still man.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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