Meet Angel Felicia (The Women I Love)

At every point in life, God places people like angels on our path, to make sure we are fine. Felicia was one of such.
Felicia was my immediate elder sister, Celia’s close friend. I have always known Felicia all my life. We actually attend the same Church.

Celia and Felicia are classmates, although they attended different schools. Celia attends a school a bit further from home, while Felicia attends mine.

I told you about how much of a latecomer I was. I wasn’t the only offender too. Things got so bad that at a point, the students attending assembly were usually less than a quarter of the total student population.
This was noticed by one of the teachers while she was supervising the morning assembly. She was concerned and informed the Vice-Principal – Academic.

Our Vice-Principal, a stout man who “bounced” on his heels rather than walk, decided to personally redress the situation.
On Friday, after the closing bell had rung, the gate was locked and all students were instructed to come to the assembly hall.
There, Mr Ojo, our Vice-Principal waited until the last student had turned up. Picking up the P.A system, he addressed us.

“It seems you these students have secured jobs elsewhere.
“I was informed on Tuesday that many of you have been skipping the morning assembly.
“I monitored from my office on Wednesday and Thursday.
“I even joined this morning to see if that would shake things up, but it didn’t.
“It looks like many of you are becoming too big for this school. Or you think you are too special for morning assembly?
“Don’t you know the assembly is part of the school activities?
“School resumes at 7:45 with the morning assembly. Not 8 O’clock after the assembly is over.
“All these days you have missed out on morning assemblies, just take that as a period of grace.
“They say ‘where there is no law, there is no sin,’
“Now there is law, and there is sin.
“I am the law, and believe me, you don’t want to be the sinner.
“If you know that you have two heads, if you know that you have already finished from our school, if you know that you are bigger than this school, if you know that there is another school that is begging you to come and resume there, come late on Monday.”

With that, Mr Ojo turned around and walked away from the assembly ground.
At first, all we students were stunned in silence. One by one, we caught our voices, and mumbling to one another, we found our way out.

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