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I’m still surprised at how often I get inspired and surprised on Twitter. And this topic is no different.
Who would have thought that there is a maximum scammable amount? I missed the pattern necessary to have come up with that. Thanks to @hacksultan @lekeleke_boi and @Astrocodr for pointing me in the right direction on this.

Scams and cons have been a part of humanity for so long, it is now second nature.
In each of these epochs, there has always been a maximum scammable amount, which governs what the scam artist goes home with.

If you still need help deciphering it, the maximum scammable amount is the sum of figures a scam can successfully con out of its victims without arousing suspicions.
A better percentage of the time, scammers get caught because they get greedy.

They see their hook is being taken by too many marks, they get cocky, they end up as victims of their own confidence.
The more people are falling victim to your scam, the more likely someone is going to wisen up soon.

You can fool everyone sometimes, you can fool some people every time, but you cannot fool everyone every time.
Knowing the difference in each of these situations is often the difference between being on a luxury yacht and being paraded as a suspect before the press.

The maximum scammable amount differs by scam type. You cannot be a petty scammer and expect to make billions.
Meanwhile, a real estate scammer would easily hit the billion dollars mark by targeting Lekki. If he tries that in Mowe, he will find himself on the front pages of newspapers soon.

Maximum scammable amount also expands and contracts with the size of the economy. But a scammer would need to stay informed on what is the current figure.
Ignorance of this will end with you getting your mugshot taken.

Maybe you’ll need to subscribe to the 419 monthly or scammer weekly to stay up to date. But news report reaching me states that the current maximum scammable amount in Nigeria is two billion dollars.
The work required to reach that figure would likely make you a millionaire legally. But greed and lack of capital are reasons people are going with this choice.

You can easily get higher than this if you go for the “selling an airport or stadium scam”. There is also the “oil Bloc or government contract scam”.
For the daring and audacious, there is the “selling the Eiffel tower or selling the Mona Lisa scam”. While other artwork scams are oldies but goldies.

It takes a lot of guts or foolhardiness to try and push the boundaries with maximum scammable amount. But if you pull it off, it is worth the effort.
At the same time, if it ever sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true.

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