Man’s Quest For Perfection.

 Since time immemorial, Man’s desire has been to be the best among his peers, to meet the needs of his family and all his benefactors, to be the best at what he does, and many other things.
 But over the years, we’ve come to term the achievement of this goals as diffrent things, Goodness, Greatness, Awesomeness, and finally Perfection. 
 Considering the difficulty in acheiving this lofty heights and aspiration, people generally come to the conclussion that acheiving perfection is impossible.
 That happens to be the first and biggest mistake most people make, their belief that perfection is impossible to attain puts a big limitations ontheir life, thoughts, beliefs, behavior and relationship.
 But I’ve learnt a lesson over the years, our defination of perfection and success differs, and it’s more about what works for you, as well as it’s relationship and function to you and everyone with you.
 It might be difficult or totally impossible to please everyone, but if you are able to get to some level of expertise at the things that matter the most to you, then you’ve attained perfection.
 Basically, as a guy, perfection is being able to take good care of your family, being a good and faithful husband to your wife, a good father to your children, being able to share a couple of interest, time and meaningful conversation with your wife and kids, Being good up to the required level of professionalism at your job, taking good care of your parent, as well as you In-Laws, Being a good friend to all your friends, contributing positively to the lives of everyone around you, and giving a helping hand to anyone you can.
 In doing this, you might step on people’s toes, displease some people, and fail to satisfy everyone. But if these people do not have direct consequences on the outcome of your actions, then you are on the right path.
 Remember, You can not please everyone, But in your little way, you can make you touch, maybe not in everyone’s life, but atleast in the life of those that matter to you.
 Perfection is Possible, Impossiblity is Nothing, It is all in your mindset.