Left For Good – Waje × Patoranking (Song Of The Day)

Left for good by Waje and Patoranking is a song about moving on after breaking up from a selfish lover. It tells the story of recovering ones’ glow after healing from heartbreak.

Heartbreak can be ugly. It often leaves people messed up, in tears, damaged, and in extreme cases, suicidal. For those who haven’t experienced heartbreak before, I say congratulations.
I go as far as praying you never get heartbroken.

Whenever you are the one initiating a break-up, you believe you are doing the right thing. You claim it is for the best. The other person might be hurt, but in your opinion, the relationship has run its course.
Flipping it, I have never seen someone being broken up with that just said “ok”. I am not saying it never happens, but I have neither seen nor heard of it.

Waje is a great musician. She has a strong and beautiful voice, great stage presence, and her songwriting is top-notch. Waje is so good that even her songs that I don’t like, most often because of their genre, are still great sounding.
I’ll have to say it again, I am looking forward to that Waje and Omawumi collaborative project.

Patoranking plays a great supporting role on left for good. Seems he has perfected the art of featuring on songs. His features tend to come out great.
When someone opts to end things with you, before you spend time hurting and grieving, I believe you should first evaluate the relationship and its demise.

Sometimes, things have ended long before now, they only just informed you. Other times, you knew things have ended, you just didn’t want to acknowledge it.

Ask yourself, “is it this person I will miss or is it the idea of them?”
Think to yourself, “am I hurt by losing this person or am I hurting simply because I’m no longer in a relationship?”

Sometimes the person you thought left you for bad actually left you for good.
Extract yourself from the situation. If you were advising someone in your shoes right now, what will you tell them?