Kind Bully (Word For The Week)

The concept of the kind bully is one that was brought into the consciousness of Nigerians thanks to the belief of Femi Adesina, the media aide to President Buhari, that his principal can do no wrong.
It is the latest in a ceaseless line of braggadocious displays, that Nigeria and all in it are subservient to the superhuman that is Muhammadu Buhari.

How did a democratic country end up with the “privilege” of being ruled by a kind bully?
This government is a product of people believing that strong men, rather than strong institutions make a country great. Its victory is a product of a marriage of convenience of political strange bedfellows.

Their ambition was unilaterally to unseat the previous president. Whatever is done to get that result is justified. What happens after the kind bully gets into power is not a priority.
Now, every most Nigerians wish they had taken a second to think about what happens when a brutal military general drops his uniform for a civilian toga.

For a country with one of the most constitutionally powerful presidents in the world, there is no need to tell Nigerians that its current federal government is a waste of time and resources.
From the head of government to the least appointed officeholder.

How does kind and bully sit in the same sentence? In which universe is “kind” the right adjective with which to describe a bully?
More importantly, who is a kind bully?

From all data available to me, I think it is right to describe a kind bully as someone with enormous legitimate power, who rather than using said power to better the lot of his wards, opts to become their worse nightmare.
If you have a better definition, I would be glad to hear yours.

While leaving killer herdsmen to run riot in one side of the country, our kind bully was happy to unleash the air force to drop bombs within another civilian-populated part of the country. At peacetime.
While schools are being shut because students are being kidnapped en mass, police and soldiers are deployed to prevent protesters at the other end of the country. The other end, which was relatively peaceful.

All of this is while ten years of economic gains are being wiped out in every economic indicator. And unemployment and inflation rate are at an all-time high.
Meanwhile, every court injunction against the government is being ignored. And the vice president is a constitutional lawyer.

I don’t think “kind bully” is glorious enough to describe the grandiosity of our president and his loyal, reality-ignoring, alternate-universe-dwelling, merry men.
We can progress to calling him a generous dictator, or benevolent overlord, merry marauder. Or we just might upgrade him to King Bully.
All hail the kind bully who has started Nigeria on a race to the bottom.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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