Today’s youth are more conscious of the presence of men than the presence of God.
We claim to be individuals, but we look and sound like clones of the culture.
What Jesus said about taking up the cross and dying to self is not in fine print; it’s the headline news in the Gospels.
If not now, when? If not you, who? If not here, where? If not by prayer, then how?
Some of the leading voices to the younger generation are more concerned with being cool than being Christlike. They pat themselves on the back for things they are able to do because of their “freedom” in Christ, than their being bound to Christ. They speak little of the cross, dying to self and being a world changer.
We say we have power, but far too many accept defeat as normal. We have the Spirit within us, but we live in fear of our foes. We affirm the book of Acts of the Apostles, but we are light-years removed from any evidence of such power.
History teaches us, the farther every generation takes us is one step further from the source of the flame. – Ron Dunn.
There is a difference between God’s work and man’s responsibility.
Anything that diminishes my vision for Christ, takes away my taste for Bible Study, cramps my prayer life or makes Christian work difficult, is wrong for me and I must, as a Christian, turn away from it. – J. Wilbur Chapman.
Average is as close to great as it is to bad.
If the devil can’t keep us from being saved, he will do the next best thing; – he will make us content with average. He’ll get us to leave the life of abandonment and accept the life of defeat.

This is W. Joshua note from Chapter Nine of the book “Courageous Living” by Michael Catt.
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