Crushing the church is like smashing the atom – divine energy of high quality is released in enormous quantity with miraculous effects. – Benjamin E. Fernando
It is unnatural for Christianity to be popular. – Billy Graham.
There are not two gospels, one for missionaries and martyrs, the other for those who name the name of Christ, but let Him bear the Cross alone, while they themselves go free. – Vance Havner.
The difference between the first-century church and the twenty-first-century church is that they were power conscious, while we are problem conscious. They weren’t perfect, but they had a standard that we too often compromise because of fear.
No verse of the scripture yields its meaning to lazy people. – A. W. Pink.
You can’t defend what you don’t know.
99 Christians in every 100 are merely playing at Bible Study, and therefore 99 Christians in every 100 are merely weaklings when they must be giants. – R. A. Torrey.
We need believers who know what they believe, and why they believe it.
The Holy Spirit will never lead you to do anything inconsistent with the life of Christ or the revealed Word of God.
Faith is active, not passive. Faith is confident that God will do what He says. Faith follows God implicitly. Faith looks to God; it doesn’t trust in itself or in personal abilities or strength. Faith takes God at His word and obeys without hesitation or reservation.
Faith has no back door. Faith never panics. Rather, it leads us to claim a promise, take a stand, accept a difficult assignment, or surrender to go to a far-off land.
The will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you.
A man full of power not only knows how to act, but he also knows how to react.
When all around you are falling, can God trust you to stand?

This is W. Joshua note from Chapter ten of the book “Courageous Living” by Michael Catt.
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