– We live in an age of spiritually timid and lackluster men, for whom the very concept of bold leadership is anathema. (Los Angeles Times Editorial)
– ‎We need to raise a generation that looks to their dads with admiration, rather than indifference, scorn or trepidation.
– ‎Our strengths are no help to God, and our weaknesses are not a hindrance to Him.
– God thinks most of the man who thinks of himself least. – John Blanchard.
– ‎God created and endows with talents and personality, He is not looking for someone with talent or personality, He is looking for someone He can trust with great responsibilities.
– ‎Humility is not thinking poorly of oneself, rather, it means not thinking of oneself at all.
– ‎When God looks at us, He does not see us for what we are, but for what we can become, as He works in our lives. Other people look at us and see our flaws and failings. God looks at us and sees our possibilities, through His transforming presence. – Gary Inrig.
– ‎God wants for you what you would want for yourself if you had enough faith and sense to want it.
– ‎Today, we lack courage because we foolishly try to pop up our self image and sense of worth with a little pop psychology and a dash of religion.
– ‎We need to appropriate our confidence in the greatness of our God.
– ‎Courage is not courage until it is put to test.
– ‎As fear is contagious, courage is also contagious.
– ‎Fear focuses on the obstacles, courage focuses on the opportunity. Fear sees with eyes of flesh, courage sees with eyes of faith.

This is W. Joshua note from chapter four of the book “Courageous Living” by Michael Catt.
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