We can’t change the culture and reach the nations if we don’t expect our young people to step up to the challenge.
We must raise up a courageous generation who will step up to take their place and embrace their responsibilities.
Give your children the encouragement to stand for things that matter.
The Scriptures; know it in your head, stow it in your heart, show it in your life, sow it in the world.
It’s never right to do wrong, it’s always right to do right.
Being courageous doesn’t mean you can be unkind. The fruit of the spirit is not eliminated by boldness. Daniel simply lived what he believed with the perfect balance of boldness and gentleness.
God will use you publicly if you allow Him to tutor you privately.
Faithful service does not make one immune from tests.
Your faith shouldn’t stem from convenience, but from conviction.
The person of courage is willing to face the consequences of his decisions.
We may stand alone, but we are never alone.
Most of the folks you strive to impress as a teenager won’t ever talk to you again after graduation. You worry about what they will think of you, but they aren’t even thinking of you. They are busy thinking of themselves and what others think of them.
We need millennials who will have the courage to define the culture, not let the culture define them.
Daniel stood head and shoulders above his peers. But he wasn’t weird, he was wise.
If you want to be a game changer, you have to learn to listen, and be wise.
This is our wisdom, to be learners to the end. – John Calvin.
If you lack knowledge, go to school. If you lack wisdom, get on your knees. – Vance Havner.
When in doubt, don’t.
Be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there, doing what you are supposed to be doing.
Your choices determine your legacy.
Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened. – Billy Graham.
Courage is the willingness to go the distance when the vision has faded, when you are weary, when no man is there to cheer you on. Courage is an enduring commitment to be your true self when no one is looking and you are facing intimidation. Courage has many faces. Is yours one of them? – The New Rebellion Handbook.

This is W. Joshua note from chapter six of the book “Courageous Living” by Michael Catt.
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