Improving Your Self-Esteem – JOSHUA’S NOTE

Your attitude to life and the challenges you face affects the impact you will make on the world.
To realize life’s lofty dreams, you must have a positive self-image.
You are of great value, because you bear the stamp of the Creator. Never be tricked into a feeling of worthlessness. (Genesis 1:26-27, Psalm 8:3-5)
There is no such thing as a hopeless situation, but you can get hopeless about situations.
Mind over matter can help turn adversities into advantages.
Your attitude is more important than your circumstances. Therefore, develop a winning attitude and character.
Think great because God created you great.
Start each day on a clean slate.
Mistakes are often the best teachers.
Look at what you have left, never look at what you have lost.
Start each day thinking about God and His plans and promises for you.
The way you think determines who you are and what you will become. (Proverbs 23:7)
There is a connection between what you believe, what you confess and what you possess.
Change your thinking and your future will change.
Don’t let others destroy your dreams, initiatives and abilities through ridicules, jeers and criticism.
Always exude a high level of confidence and enthusiasm about your decisions, prospects and projects.
A positive person sees all challenges as opportunities.
God never give you a dream without the necessary abilities and opportunities to achieve it.
Associate with people of faith who know how to get results. Join the company of “Giant Killers”, not “Grasshoppers”.
Raise your value and standard.
Value people and things that counts.

This is W. Joshua’s note from Chapter Two of the book “Be Yourself” by W. F. Kumuyi of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry.
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