If I Get Money Eh – Magnito (Song Of The Day)

If I get money eh is Magnito going on a litany of wishful thinking. Listing out his aspirations for when he hits the big bucks.

Funny thing is I know people who live their lives daily, talking about if I get money eh, before listing out an endless stream of things they intend to do immediately they have money. Interestingly, they have no plan in place on how to make said money.
There is a remix of this song with Patoranking which I love. I intend to write about that soon. In the meantime, there is no harm in dreaming about how to spend a billion Naira.

But do you know what you need to do before spending a billion Naira? You have to have it first. Invest in yourself. Increase your earning power. Then invest the money earned in business ventures that would earn you more money. And when you cross a threshold that is safe enough, you can then go on a spending spree.

In the meantime, learn to enjoy life on a budget. There are those who claim that they’ve worked too hard to be balling on a budget, if truly your financial muscle is beyond that, congratulations to you. But if you are still in a lower financial bracket, one of us that identify ourselves as “upcoming big man/woman”, then learn to enjoy some of the pleasures of life, within your means.

Ours wants are endless. We cannot wait until we are as wealthy as we’ll like before we start enjoying this life. If we wait too long, by the time we overcome all of life’s challenges and accumulate said wealth, our body might not be strong enough to engage in the kind of rigorous fun we have been aspiring to.

You don’t want to be that old man dragging segway with teenagers.
As you go on planning what you’ll do whenever you have that “shut up” money, start enjoying life with your “young shall grow” money.