I Think I’m Love Sick.

 The last couple of weeks has been the best and worst weeks of my life, but beneath it all, I have suddenly been having the most unusual feeling in my heart.
 It’s something I’ve never felt before, It’s so intense I find it impossible to ignore the feeling. I actually spent all my life ignoring and denying any feeling that might feel like love. I practically kill the feeling before it even buds.
 But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been consistently been faced with this feeling again and again. But the only problem is I’m having the feeling for more than one person, it seems everyone I ever had special feelings for are suddenly showing up in my life, looking even more beautiful than they looked years ago, they sounded a lot more intelligent than they use too, and worse of it is they are not avoiding me, they all remain receptive and friendly towards me, and I’m continually feeling blessed to have them in my life.
 Only problem is out of about seven to ten people I’m having feelings for, I can only date one of them, as I have no intention of double dating or cheating on anyone, and I also want to have the right person as my date, as I don’t want my present decision to have negative impact on me or anyone i the future.
 So I’ve decided to leave all of them and see which of them would get into a relationship with someone else, thereby reducing my options. But I have my fears.
 What if the person left actually has no interest in me? What if they all get into relationships before I can get back to them? What if I keep meeting more people like them, and I’m constantly having multiple options?
 I’ll tell you all about each of these girls at a later time, but until then, I’ll leave everything in God’s hands.