I Am Not Afraid – Majek Fashek (Song Of The Day)

I am not afraid by Majek Fashek is an anthem on a man’s refusal to allow the fear of the known and unknown govern his life. Instead, he trusts in his God, who has promised that the rod of the wicked will not rest upon the righteous.

Majek Fashek was the golden voice of his generation. Placing Nigeria’s name on the global music scene with Reggae music. He did this in a time when the international community was getting wary of Nigeria’s Military’s continuous foray into our politics.

Majek Fashek was not scared to use his voice. Even when he was plagued by lots of personal demons, he still continued to give music his best. He continued to bless the world with melodious tunes that helped people with their personal battles.

It is saddening that his struggles eventually got the better part of him, but we will continue to remember Majek Fashek the rainmaker. The one who appeared on The David Letterman Show. The Majek who took the baton from Bob Marley and was not afraid to introduce the world to Nigeria through Reggae music.

Majek will live on forever in our hearts. I am not afraid to mention his name in the same breath as the great Bob Marley and Fela Anikulapo Kuti. It is a blessing to have heard him make beautiful music with the legendary 2Baba, “2 Face” Innocent Idibia.

Life can be overwhelming, the future might seem bleak, things might not be going according to plans, and it might seem like evil will prevail. In all of this, you can make a choice to not be afraid.