HYFR!!! It’s December.

Because He lives,
I can face tomorrow,
Because He lives,
All fears is gone,
Because I know, 
He holds my future,
My life is worth,
I live in just,
Because He lives.

 That song was stuck in my head all throughout yesterday. Maybe it’s because I’m just too excited right about now. The feeling is practically indescribable. I woke up on a high (someone who does weed could never get the type of high I’m talking about.)
 As any of my frequent reader will know, I’m a real “Deeperlife Boy” and yesterday, we held a national celebration of God’s faithfulness. It was all about praising God for what he did in the course of the year. Before the service, I decided to take a note of what I’m most grateful for this year. I’m going to take the liberty to share this with everyone of you.
 Firstly, I’m thankful for the gift of Life, It’s by God’s mercies that I’m still alive, as some of you might know, I’m not one of the most security or health conscious person. I’ve witnessed a couple of ugly incidents this year, and read, saw and heard of the death of others. But thankfully, I’m alive at this point. For this I’m grateful.
 Secondly, I’m thankful for My family. They are my most valued possession. My dad, mum, brothers and sisters, then I’ve got the world’s best aunty, other aunties and uncles, and lots of other relatives. It is the moments I spend with them that I treasure the most. They educate me, entertain me, motivate me, and keep me going in the right direction. The good news I share with them has been a fuel for all my goals, and keeps me happy. I’ll not trade them for any family in the world.
 Thirdly, I’m thankful for My friends, Every single one of them, both the ones I relate with everyday, and the ones I only get to talk to once a month, the ones I see everyday, and the one I’ve only seen once this year, and even that “special someone” I’ve never seen. (She is truly special to me.) Everyone of you guys are my motivation. You guys are the best in the world, and I’ll always love and appreciate You.
 Then there is the GIG Family. That’s everyone who has been a part of my GIG Entertainment project. You guys have shared my lowest moments with me, you’ve inspired me to grow to a level I only thought was possible in the world of imagination. You guys made me realize that if I can dream it, then “WE” can do it. You guys are the most talented, most passionate, most trust-worthy guys I’ve ever know. For that I’ll be forever grateful. I know we’ve been through the hard times, but I know as you all do, that we are on the verge of making our first dream come true. And with God on our side, the skies will just be a starting point.
 There are still many other things I’m grateful for, from my best friend,  the one and only “Tobisco” to My Job, and everyone I work with. From Church, to My Role Models. Interestingly, I’m most grateful for all my foes, opponents, competitions, contradictors, enemies, haters, beefers, or whatever else you might want to call them. You guys have been my biggest source of challenge. If not for you guys, I’ll have become complacent. So Thank You ALL.
 I’m grateful to GOD for all of You, and hope we continue with our wonderful “relationship” and hopefully, Better days will catch up with us in matter of this.
 I’ll happily say compliments of the season to you all.