How Much Is That Bouquet? – RHETORICS

I proposed to you with a bouquet of flowers, just to be different. You said no. Until I got the biggest rock on the shelf. Did I complain?
A small wedding, with just the closest of family and friends was all I asked for. Did you agree?
We’ll shut down the street, kill two cows, after I paid through my nose for your bride price. Are we feeding a village?
The finest gown, the chicest shoes, the glamest bag, what else could a bride ask for?
Flower girl, bridal train, squeezing into the limo. After all, you only get married once. Wasn’t that what you said?
The church wasn’t packed, but there was no leg room at the reception. I saw people I knew, you saw people you knew, we saw people we never knew. “They are here to rejoice with us”. Wasn’t that your words?
There was a bouquet of flowers on every table, a big bottle of wine to chaperone the smaller bottles, plates of food were also flowing. A slice of cake with a sip of wine was all we got to eat. Is it our wedding or theirs?
We danced for hours without end, took pictures until the smiles ended on our faces, then the MC asked “who will catch the bouquet?”
I see you all smiles, the DJ played “All the single ladies”, a long line formed behind you, I can’t help but wonder, is this really going to happen?
I remember you and the wedding planner, how you argued on which bouquet to go with, when you mentioned the prices, I thought the bouquet was going to be a permanent fixture in our home. Was I dreaming?
I thought we’ll show it to our kids, along with the wedding gown and hopefully, they’ll dream of inheriting it one day. How wrong was I?
“All the single ladies, all the single ladies…” I see the dancing and pushing behind you. Finally, the song stops, and you throw the bouquet. Someone please wake me up. Am I dreaming?
Did you really just throw that bouquet? Our flower? My flower? That I paid for?
These girls shrieking and pushing, do they know how much that flower cost? Do they know how many times you asked if the color of this or that flower goes better with your gown?
For goodness sake, I had to pin a matching flower to my chest, do they know I don’t even like flowers like that?
Before I go crazy, will you kindly tell me again, how much is that bouquet of flowers you just threw to those girls? Will the girl that caught it kindly return my money or my flower, or does she really think she is the next to marry when she is still single to stupor right now?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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