How Did We Get Here? – RHETORICS

How did we get here?
When did the love ebb out?
When did it become normal we take our meals apart?
When did we start going to bed without as much as a goodnight kiss?
When did we become flatmates and not lovers?
How quickly did the honeymoon end?
How did we get so busy?
How can we call everyone else except ourselves?
What happened to being in a hurry to get home so we can spend all evening talking?
What happened to being unwilling to get off the couch to fix a meal because we’ll end up missing each other?
What happened to wishing we didn’t have guests all day so we could be all alone?
How did we get here?
How did the flame burn out?
How can it be that we go off to work without even speaking a word to each other?
Who’s to blame?
Was it our friends that kept telling us how married life is supposed to be?
Was it our parents who were a little too protective of us?
Was it our naivety and pride that made us play ourselves?
Don’t you miss the days of endless chatting?
The calls that just seem to never end?
Never running out of topics to cover?
How did we get here?
Where we only smile cos there are guests around;
There is no hitting but the tears never end;
We don’t get angry at each other cos we are already past rage;
We sniffle and grumble where we use to laugh in joy;
How did we get here?
Is it too late to say I want us back?
Too late to ask for the old you and me that was a source of pride to family and friends;
The you and me that had each other’s back;
That completed one another’s sentences;
That heard each other’s words before the words even left our lips;
Is it possible to get us back?
What will it take?
How far do we have to go?
Can we swallow our pride and get back to being us?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram. @IJoswil