How Broke Am I? – Josh Journal

Throughout last year, I walked a tight line with my finances. We are still in February of 2021, and the question isn’t if I am broke. It is “how broke am I?”
They really should have warned us about growing up. It is like there is an ongoing competition to see who and what can take the last money in my pocket. So much for nuevo poor.

The most annoying part is that no one is in a hurry to drop some money there.
I am tempted to quote a few lines from some songs about money and bills. But at this point, I don’t want to inadvertently get billed for using someone’s creative property.

I need to ask a question at this point. What bill did you pay that made you realize that you are now an adult?
I can still remember mine. The money left my account and I had to sit down for a few minutes.

The last couple of days brought back that memory. Immediately after this money left my account, I had to message the recipient and tell him that my account is on “life support”.
I get so broke sometimes, that I began to think the bank was mocking me.

How can you be sending me a debit alert for bank charges two days after the transaction?
Isn’t your intention to remind me of how empty my account is? Is my being broke funny to y’all? Are y’all sitting in your office and laughing at my account balance?

To encourage myself, I had to restrict all bank charges notifications to mail only.
I am too young to be waking up at 4 AM to a debit notification. If investigated properly, I won’t be surprised if this is part of what kills the aged in our community.

I heard that some people will be getting paid over the weekend and in the new week.
Please kindly do all of us a favor by looking into your pockets, wallets, bags, and bank account. Any extra money that does not have a designation can be repurposed in my direction.

I am less busy enough to respond to every message requesting for my account number.
May our broke periods be few and far between.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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