Happy Spiritual New Year – Josh Journal

If someone wishes you a happy spiritual new year, what are you supposed to reply?
Same to you?
Whatever the right answer might be, I do wish you a happy spiritual new year.
I don’t know if that phrase makes sense, but I hope you understand my sentiment.

Man is composed of a spirit, soul, and body. Science has done well in understanding how to care for the body.
Wise men say music is the food of the soul. They also said love heals the soul.
What about the spirit?

Our spirit is our connection with God. When that connection is fractured, there is a God-shaped vacuum in us.
If every other aspect of your life is in order and you are flourishing, but your spiritual life is off, you will always know you are off-balance.

People might admire you, envy you, and look up to you. They might believe you are the epitome of perfection, but you know something is missing.
The lack or reduction in the quality of ones spiritual life would eventually seep into other aspects of their lives.

Their lives might not devolve into chaos, they might not lose their standing in society, they might remain top-notch professionals, but somewhere, that pang and incompleteness will be manifesting.

In 2021, I have chosen to get this connection right. I hope you are interested in doing the same.
I will be spending more time reading my Bible. I will listen to more sermons, learning things that before now, I consider truthful but uninterested in.
Personal prayers will be increased too. The place of prayer cannot be overemphasized. I already own a sizeable library of Christian books, the time has come to move them from the shelf to my heart. (And brains.)

Devoting time to knowing God better, seeking Him, and building your relationship with Him is never a time wasted. It is probably the most beneficial way to spend time.
So when I wish you a happy and prosperous spiritual new year, I hope you know what to say now?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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