Happy Social New Year – Josh Journal

The question on if I am a social butterfly or not is one that will elicit different responses from different individuals. Ultimately, it is subject to when, where, and how we met.

Those close to me would consider me just social enough to not be counted as a recluse. Others are surprised whenever I display or imply a similitude of a social life.

I enjoy my own company and have never been under pressure to make friends. This doesn’t make me unfriendly. If you say the right thing, I will happily engage you in a discussion without worrying about how much time is spent.
Enjoying your company will result in me exchanging contact details with you. I don’t hold back.

The wait for three days rule doesn’t apply to me. After all, I most likely am not trying to get romantically involved with you. So why should I wait?
I’ll call, text, chat you up without hesitation. My life is quite an open book, so there is no question I wouldn’t answer. The only problem that creeps up is visiting.

If we have discussed long and wide enough, then you know my running beef with traffic. Lagos traffic in particular.
From the smell to the smoke, noise, heat, and everything else, I detest it all passionately.
The fact that I am spending time, seated and doing nothing, because everything I can manage to do in traffic will be tedious is just extra anger that I don’t want to describe.

Sorting out Lagos traffic will encourage me to come visiting. In the meantime, I am glad to host those who are willing to come over.
For those who really want me to come around more often, maybe you should put that into consideration during the next governorship elections.

With a tongue in cheek, I gladly wish you a happy social new year.
Won’t you wish me the same?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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