Happy New Year? – RHETORICS

How many people have you told “Happy New Year”?
How many times did you reply “Same to you”?
How excited were you for the New Year?
How many dreams, goals and targets did you come into this year with?
What were you looking forward to?
What did you plan on doing better?
How new is the year still is to you?
Are you still excited?
Has the novelty worn off?
Has the New Year become just another year to you again?
Isn’t there something you should be doing differently?
How many times do you think you’ll get another shot at rewriting your story?
How many people’s success is tied to you hitting your target?
How many generations do you think you can be a blessing to?
Who else can do what you do, how you do it in this New Year?
Are you not the one to start a revolution?
Are you not the guy to forever change how things are done?
Will you let that go cos the New Year ain’t that new anymore?
How do you think posterity will judge you?
Should your page in the annals of history be given to someone else?
Or are you going to take charge and start writing your new chapter, now?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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