Happy Active New Year – Josh Journal

It is just the fifth day of the year and people around me are already tired of saying a happy new year. I haven’t even gotten around to saying a happy active new year.

Like most people around me, my job is sedentary. Whenever I have a huge workload, I might not stand up from my seat all day; and repeat that all week.
That is as inactive as inactive can get.
I know a couple of people who are even less active than I am.

Over the years, I have known the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. I saw its effect on some of my older colleagues and didn’t want that for myself.
I’ve tried exercising a bit to ensure even if I’m not exactly in shape, my joints ain’t getting stiff. Thankfully, I can still walk a flight of stairs without stopping to catch my breath or panting at the end.

This year though, I am stepping it up a notch and actually getting active. More exercise, more movement, more fitness.
The six-packs might not show, but we must stay healthy.
This is still not a license for Timothy Oreoluwa to be calling me for a run, or dialling my number whenever he is jogging past my house.

Like Johnny or Joggy Walker, just keep walking/jogging and leave me alone to lie down in bed. In peace.
I keep telling you, I am not a wicked fellow. And you know only the wicked flee when no one pursues him.

Along with being active, I will also be more conscious of what, when and how much I eat. I think I am getting enough sleep for now. (Timothy’s plan to mess with it shall not work. Really, stop calling me in the morning.)
Fruits too. I need to work out a modality for vegetables, but I will be eating more fruits though.

In conclusion, here is to a happy and active 2021. May we be healthy and lay the foundations for a healthier future.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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