Happiness And Collateral Damage (The Women I Love)

Tobi was the one that offered me his chair. Within three weeks of his generous act, I know he would be wishing he hadn’t. He suffered minor collateral damage in my rivalry with Happiness.

Until now, Tobi and Happiness were kinda cool, yet kinda rivals. From their interaction, I could sense she had a crush on him. But Happiness being a “tough girl”, there was no way she was going to be gentle or lovey-dovey with him.
Let’s just say of all guys in the class, he had it easiest with her.

Maybe that was what prompted him to offer me his chair. Maybe he is just nice like that. Either way, my coming messed things up for him a little.

Happiness wasn’t one to throw away the baby with the bath. Before now, I would have taken any bet that she’ll do that in a hurry. Maybe time had softened her up, maybe it is because this had to do with matters of the heart. Either way, Tobi only suffered minor collateral damage. It was like Happiness was always happy with him until she sees or remembers my face.

It was my second seatmate Eric that was the major collateral damage in this showdown. Happiness wouldn’t let him as much as breath in peace. He began avoiding her side of the chair when coming to his seat.
They were like cat and rat. Within my first week in the new class, we had to pull them apart about four times. Twice in one day.

When a teacher asks Happiness to collect our assignments, she’ll leave Eric’s own behind then take it to them later, claiming he submitted it late.
This got him in trouble repeatedly. And when he tries to defend himself, Happiness’ cuteness, intelligence and trustworthiness ensured the teacher took her side. It never ended well for him.

Henry, our class captain meanwhile hardly ever got involved in these situations. Apparently, he is in school to catch cruise and enjoy a good time. He was the first class captain I ever saw seating in the back row of the class. How he got the captaincy, I still don’t understand.

The fact that Happiness did all the captaining job meant she wielded absolute power. With someone like that, you never want to be in their bad books, else you would just suffer major damages, you will be collaterally damaged.

As things stand now, Tobi was in her good books just by being cute. Although his initials remains in her bad book. Eric’s full name was in her bad book and it will take an angelic intervention to get it out.
As for me, where do I stand?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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